Collection: Francisco de Goya

Fancisco de Goya was one of the greatest artists in history. Always innovative, he managed to anticipate each and every one of the pictorial movements that appeared in Europe, from romanticism to surrealism, passing through impressionism and expressionism. For this reason he is considered the Father of Contemporary Art.

The painter was slow to progress, although he always knew what his vocation was. Rejected in several prizes during his youth, he undertook a trip to Italy that made him discover art with his own eyes, far from the academic stuffiness.

His art changes when he arrives in Madrid, where he gets a job designing tapestries. Little by little, and thanks to some obvious talent of his, he achieves a meteoric rise in society that takes him to the royal court. There he will have access to the painting collections of the kings, and above all to Velasquez, with whom he falls in love.