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Francisco de Goya

Los Caprichos Nohubo Remedio (There is No Cure)

Los Caprichos Nohubo Remedio (There is No Cure)

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Artist: Francisco de Goya

Title: Los Caprichos Nohubo Remedio (There is no cure) No 24

Ca. 1797 - 1798

Dimensions: 220 x 154 mm

Medium: Etching with burnished aquatint , drypoint and engraving

4th edition

This is a 4th edition print from the Estate of Charles F. Ramus, Denver Colorado. mr. Ramus was a curator of prints and drawings at the Denver Museum and art history professor at the University of Denver. He dedicated over 40 years to collecting fine art prints and drawings with a focus on European artists to include Goya, Toulouse -Lautrec, Paul Gavarni and Odilon Redon to name a few.

Goya has reproduced in this print an Owl or public penance, and the meaning of its title clearly indicates that he wanted to satirize the activities of the Inquisition and the customs that it engenders in the town. In this print, a woman sentenced to lashes for being a sorceress is represented, who comes out mounted on a donkey, naked from half the body up, wearing a little smock and an iron collar. Her hands are tied to the metal bar that holds the collar, the torture and interrogations have left their mark on her face, she is intimidated by pain, humiliation and fear. Expressionless guards escort her on either side of her, followed by the people who fill the air with contemptuous laughter and religious anger. Through this print, Goya expresses his great interest in the low passions of the compact and dehumanized mass of the public that attends the autos-da-fe, which, together with the title There was no remedy , the painter criticizes the state of superstition and obscurantism that still persisted in the Spanish people.
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