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Level1 gallery is excited to bring art and décor exclusively to the interior designer. We know at Level1 gallery that for re-imagining the look of a room, and office, or even an entire building interior takes the right creativity and concept. For you the interior designer, it goes much deeper. You think about how a space connects to the people who use it—and to the environment. You are working independently for that special design, that is unique, rare and absolutely key to branding a business or making a home exactly what your clients want, need and ultimately once you are done…cannot live without!

Art and décor piece concept, design and creation are of the utmost importance to the success of your business and relationship with your clients. Here, with Level1 gallery you’ll have the opportunity to choose any of your interior design needs from a wide variety of art and décor pieces currently available. If you see something you like but it does not fit size, measurement or exact concept, you can also work with Level1 Gallery to support our artists and have them commission the perfect piece for your requirements.

Take time to peruse our selection of exceptional artists and if something sparks your interest and you want to purchase or commission, contact us at Level1 Gallery so we can work on your interior design special partner pricing!

Level1 gallery will help you with any small or large space we are just an email away!!

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