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Hakob Hakobyan

Your Refelection

Your Refelection

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Your Reflection, 2016

Oil and Acrylic On canvas

48" x 48"

Hakob Hakobyan

Born in 1983 in Armenia Echmiadzin into an artist family. His father already a well known artist,  Kajik Hakobyan.  At an early age he was exposed to the art culture. He started to draw when he was six year old. By the age of nine he had his first private exhibition in Armenia. In 1994 his second exhibition in the History Museum of Kiev, Ukraine. In 1993-1997 he was awarded the Special scholarship for Gifted Children from the Ministry of Culture Of Armenia. While studying at the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts (2001-2007), he participated in various group exhibitions and festivals, including Armenia Is my Fatherland, the Color of Jazz and the Exhibition of Young Artists of Armenia. In 2007 he held his first private exhibition at the Hi-Art Hall Gallery in Yerevan Armenia. Since of 2007 member of Armenian Artists Union. Currently represented by Tranter-Sinni Gallery and Level1 Gallery.


2001-2007 Studied and received his Masters degree from Armenia Erevan State Academy of Fine Art’s. Artist, Teacher.
1991-1995-Studied in Art school in Armenia Echmiadzin.


2013-Group show in Greenpoint Galley 10 Year Anniversary Grand Salon Show
2013- Solo Show in Peter Louis Salon Gallery in Manhattan New York
2013- American artists group Exhibition in Peter Louis Salon Gallery Manhattan New York
2013-Armenian Artists group Exhibition-St. Vatan Church Cathedral Manhattan New York
2012-Armenian Artists group Exhibition-St.Vartan Church Cathedral Manhattan New York
2011-Armenian Artists Group Exhibition, Erebuni Gallery New York Williamsburg
2011-Armenian Artists Group Exhibition ,New York Chelsea,At armenian Carpets Gallery
2011- Green point Gallery, Group Artists Exibition ,New York Greenpoint
2010- Armenia Echmiadzin group spring exhibition.
2009-Sun Art gallery group Art exhibition.
2008-Armenia Erevan Hay-Art cultural centre group exhibition dedicated Womens.
2008-Armenia Erevan Hay-Art cultural center group exhibition Womn in Art.
2007-Armenia Erevan Personal exhibition in Hay-Art cultural center .
2007-Armenia Erevan Fall group exhibition in Armenia Artist’s Union.
2007-Armenia Echmiadzin Group exhibition 5 works show.
2007-ASA Artists’ Ball in America New York.
2006-Armenia Artists’ Union student exhibition.
2006-Armenia Erevan group exhibition in gallery Academy of Fine Art.
2006- Armenia Erevan students’ exhibition The Color of Jazz.
2004-Armenia Erevan in Artists’ Union exhibition Armenia is My Fatherland.
2001-Armenia Erevan Artists’ Union students’ group exhibition.
1994- Ukraine Kiev group exhibition in History Museum of Kiev.
1992- Armenia echmiadzin first personal art exhibition in his 9 age
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