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Yasuaki Sasamoto

Yasu Sasamoto Dulton Stool Iron (cast/wrought)

Yasu Sasamoto Dulton Stool Iron (cast/wrought)

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Yasu Satamoto's idea to place a tractor seat on a stool, is a style icon that is used more and more. Stainless steel collapsible tractor seat beautifully molded by Japanese designer Yasuaki Sasamoto and produced by Dulton Co, in the early 1970s. High quality materials and in genius design. Rare early design. Maker's mark engraved underneath

In good condition, with minor scratches on the seat, normal signs of wear. This model is collapsible and foldable.

Engraved logo / designer on the seat.

Dimensions: 45 x 45 cm as base, height approx. 57 cm

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