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Wassily Kandinsky-Gewebe.1923 Canvas

Wassily Kandinsky-Gewebe.1923 Canvas

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This print is reminiscent of the abstract work of Wassily Kandinsky, a pioneer of abstract art. It features an assortment of geometric shapes, lines, and colors, arranged in a seemingly spontaneous yet harmonious composition. The artwork combines sharp angles and curves, intersecting lines, and circles that evoke the rhythm and movement of music, a common theme in Kandinsky's work.
The use of primary colors alongside neutrals provides a dynamic balance, while the sporadic inclusion of more intricate patterns adds depth and intricacy. The print captures the essence of Kandinsky's innovative approach to visual art, where form and color are used to express emotions and elicit a sensory response from the viewer.
Product Description
Product name  Painting online all are with no frame
Canvas Material:
 Matte waterproof chemical fiber canvas (260g)
Frame Material: 

1. Pine inner frame
2. DIY Pine inner frame


Printing:  Inkjet printing with CMYK color
Design:  There is big design data base with popular design in the market. You could choose all the design in our website.
1.No frame, Canvas will roll on tube.
2.Frameless canvas and DIY frame: Surround pearl cotton,wrapped with bubble film.
2.Canvas with frame: Protective corners and wrapped with shrink film, then packed in a strong carton with foam board.
3. Customized package is acceptable and welcome.
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