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P.A Sandstrom



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Artist: P.A Sandstrom

Title: Stargazer, 2017

Medium: Rakufired stoneware/mixed media

Size: 27cm H x 15cm W


P.A Sandstrom

P-A Sandström is a Swedish sculptor born in 1970, he is mostly famous for his faces and ceramic heads. He studied ceramic art at Hellidens Folkhögskola in Tidaholm, and has been practicing this art as an independent artist for more than twenty years.

His technique has evolved a lot, especially since he discovered "raku", an enameling technique which emerged during the 16th century in Japan, where one uses strong stoneware clay as the pieces need to resist strong temperature differences. This is how his faces and ceramic heads are an end result of a combination of clay techniques through raku, and colorful glaze. Eyes closed with a peaceful expression, Sandström's faces inspire tranquility and well-being.

P-A Sandström's work has been exhibited in Europe and USA and is also part of private and corporate collections.

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