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Kalevi Liska

In Grassina

In Grassina

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Artist: Kalevi Liska

Title: Grassinassa, 2014

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 20x24cm


The vibrant abstract work titled "In Grassina" is an expressionist representation of the Italian landscape or the atmosphere of this specific location. The thick, impasto brushstrokes and the rich texture give the painting a dynamic, almost three-dimensional quality.

The palette of bright yellows could represent the warmth and light typical of the Italian countryside, evoking the golden hue of afternoon sunlight in the Tuscan region, where Grassina is located. The patches of reds, blues, greens, and pinks might symbolize the varied and rich tapestry of the Italian landscape—rolling hills, vineyards, fields of flowers, and the rustic architecture for which the region is known.

Considering the place, "In Grassina"  an abstract homage to the essence and vibrancy of the Italian countryside, capturing the emotional and sensory experiences one might encounter there. The painting reflects the artist's personal impression or memories of Grassina, using color and form to convey the unique spirit of the place.

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