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Kalevi Liska

You and Me and Future

You and Me and Future

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Artist: Kalevi Liska

Title: You and me and Future, 2015

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 90x115cm

The painting "You and Me and Future" is a vibrant abstract piece with a predominantly yellow backdrop that radiates warmth and optimism. Yellow, often associated with hope and happiness, represents the 'future' aspect of the title, suggesting a bright and positive outlook.

Contrasting with the yellow are patches and strokes of varying colors—soft purples, blues, and whites—which add depth and diversity to the composition. These symbolize the different facets and emotions within the 'you and me' part of the title, indicating the complexity and richness of human relationships. The colors seem to interact with each other, some blending softly while others stand out more boldly, perhaps reflecting the dynamics between two individuals as they look towards the future together.

The brushwork is both fluid and deliberate, creating a sense of movement and change, much like the evolving nature of a relationship over time. There is a softness to the painting that suggests tenderness and a dream-like quality, inviting viewers to reflect on their own connections and aspirations. The piece capture the essence of companionship and the shared journey into what lies ahead.

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