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Rautiola Antti

Beach day

Beach day

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Artist: Rautiola Antti
Title: Beach day, 2012
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 115x85cm

The painting "Beach Play" by Antti Rautiola presents a young girl seen from behind, capturing a moment of carefree play along the shore. Her dress, airy and translucent, billows gently, suggesting the presence of a soft seaside breeze. The pastel colors of the dress, with hints of pink and lavender, evoke the playfulness and innocence of childhood summers spent on the beach.

Rautiola's style is impressionistic, with loose and lively brushstrokes that give a sense of movement to the dress and the girl's hair, which is casually tied up, allowing strands to escape and catch the light. The background is rendered in broad strokes of golden and brown hues, implying a sandy beach environment that blurs into the distance, focusing the viewer's attention on the figure of the girl.

The light in the painting seems to come from in front of her, illuminating her form and creating a glow around the edges of her figure, which adds to the ethereal quality of the moment. "Beach Play" conveys the fleeting joy of childhood play, the beauty of simple moments, and the warmth of summer days by the sea.

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