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Kalevi Liska

Talyisia Tarnoita (Winter Stories)

Talyisia Tarnoita (Winter Stories)

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Artist: Kalevi Liska

Title: Talyisia Tarnoita, 2013

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 150x120cm


The painting titled "Winter Stories" by the Kalevi Liska is an abstract composition that seems to encapsulate the varied experiences and colors of winter. Dominated by a large expanse of yellow, the canvas suggests the warmth of indoor life or the deceptive warmth of sunlight on a cold day, contrasting with the conventional cool palette often associated with winter.

The upper portion of the painting is filled with bold reds and hints of green and blue, colors that may represent the festivities of the season or the jarring chill of winter air. These colors are applied in a way that they seem to overlay the yellow, much like how winter itself overlays the landscape with its own unique narrative.

Interspersed within the vivid colors are pockets of cooler tones—blues and purples—that might suggest the icy patches, the early dusk, or the crisp nights typical of the winter months. The textured application of paint creates a sense of depth and movement, mirroring the dynamic and sometimes harsh weather patterns.

This abstract portrayal could be seen as a representation of the stories told during the winter season, with each color and brushstroke contributing to a collective memory of chilly days, warm gatherings, and the contrast of emotions felt during this time of year. The painting invites the viewer to dive into these "winter stories," to feel the warmth, confront the cold, and embrace the season's dualities.

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