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Kalevi Liska

The Strength of the Light

The Strength of the Light

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Artist: Kalevi Liska

Title: The Strength of the light, 2015

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 100x170cm

"The Strength of the Light" by Kalevi Liski is a vibrant abstract painting that conveys a strong sense of energy and vitality through its use of color and texture. The canvas is predominantly covered in shades of yellow and red, suggesting warmth and intensity. The yellow, which occupies the upper portion of the canvas, is bright and seems to be applied with a mixture of broad and fine brushstrokes, giving the impression of a luminous and radiant light. This yellow fades into a fiery red that grounds the bottom of the painting with a sense of solidity and passion.

Within this luminous field, there are streaks and splashes of white, pink, and a pale blue that add depth and complexity to the composition. These lighter tones seem to break through the dominant colors, much like rays of light piercing through a colored prism, creating a visual metaphor for strength and resilience. The red area at the bottom acts as a foundation or a source from which the light gathers its strength, emphasizing the title's theme of powerful luminosity. The overall effect is one of dynamic contrast and the powerful presence of light.


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