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Kalevi Liska

Beautiful Abstract

Beautiful Abstract

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Artist: Kalevi Liska

Title: April, 2015

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 85x55cm

The painting entitled "April" appears to be an abstract piece with a soft and pastel-dominated color palette that might be suggestive of the spring season, which the title alludes to. The canvas is filled with light brushstrokes and washes of color, creating a gentle and airy feel. The use of pale yellows and pinks across the canvas could be evoking the warmth and renewal that comes with the month of April, often associated with springtime blossoms and the brightening of the landscape.

There are also strokes of green, which could represent new growth and the fresh leaves that typify this time of year. Subtle hints of blue might suggest the clear skies of spring, while the various textures and layers give a sense of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of this season.

The central horizontal orange stroke stands out against the softer background, perhaps signifying the boldness of emerging life or the striking sunsets of early spring evenings. Overall, the painting's composition, with its delicate and optimistic use of color and form, seems to capture the essence of April – a time of rejuvenation, hope, and the earth's reawakening.

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