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Kalevi Liska



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Artist: Kalevi Liska

Title: Paradise, 2006

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 170x125cm

The painting titled "Paradise" is an abstract piece that exudes a warm, ethereal glow, largely due to its luminous yellow tones that occupy most of the canvas. These yellows range from golden to lemon hues, applied with both washes and textured brushstrokes, giving the impression of a space filled with light and warmth. The yellow could symbolize sunlight, suggesting an environment that is inherently bright and joyful, much like the idealized notion of paradise.

Amidst this sunny backdrop are whispers of greens, blues, pinks, and oranges near the bottom, mingling to create what could be interpreted as a landscape or garden in bloom—a common representation of paradise. The colors appear more concentrated at the base, reminiscent of the way flora might ground a heavenly scene.

Hints of blue near the top of the painting might represent the sky, providing a sense of openness and serenity, while the vertical streaks of color could be seen as light rays shining down or as elements that add depth and structure to the composition. The variety of textures and the layering of colors lend a complexity to the painting, inviting viewers to look closer and find their own vision of paradise within its abstract forms.

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