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Aurum Strata Series

Aurum Strata Series

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The series by Noah's Art offers an elegant suite of oil paintings on canvas, each piece adorned with gold flecks that catch the light and add a touch of opulence. The artwork is characterized by a harmonious interplay of neutral tones and deliberate vertical streaks, which create a sense of structure within the fluidity of the medium. These vertical elements suggest rain or the natural weeping of time across a golden landscape, bringing a dynamic texture to the work.


The series name "Aurum Strata" captures the essence of these pieces. "Aurum," Latin for gold, reflects the precious metal's infusion into the art, while "Strata" refers to the layered visual effect created by the vertical strokes. This name would allude to the geological layers of the earth, as well as the layered complexity of the paintings.


Each canvas in this series serves as a versatile home decor element, capable of enhancing the ambiance of any room with its sophisticated charm. The series is presented as rolled canvases, allowing the buyer to choose framing that complements their personal decor style, making the artwork a customizable addition to their home.










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