Collection: Wai Hong

  1. 1982; Shanghai, China, grew up in Macau, China Based in Paris, France

HONG Wai, she represents the generation of artist who arrived in France after the year 2000.

Hong Wai, a Shanghai-born artist, was brought up in Macao and arrived in Paris in 2005. Hong represents the generation of Chinese artist arrived in France after the year 2000, who testifies new experiences and new practices compared to the Chinese artists previously installed in France.

The history of Chinese artists in France began more than a century ago. At the beginning of the 20th century, Sanyu, LIN Fengmian and XU Beihong came to study oil painting in France, which symbolized modernity in order to renew their artistic practice. ZAO Wu-ki, CHU Teh-Chun, François CHENG, or WU Guanzhong, arrived in France in the late 1940s, hoping to find their own way.

It was not until the opening of China, from the 1980s, to see a new generation of artists emerge. At the Center Pompidou in 1989, the exhibition "Les Magiciens de la terre" revealed HUANG Yongping, YANG Jiecang and GU Dexin on the French stage. In 1990, FEI Dawei finally organized the exhibition "China tomorrow for yesterday", then the exhibition "Itinérant95" in 1995.

HONG is a calligrapher and painter trained in traditional Chinese ink painting and western artistic education. The work of HONG Wai testifies a new landscape of contemporary art -- Hong transport Chinese ink into the contemporary world, a new frontier unleashing the mysterious, often-hidden feminine through a technique that has been confined by masculine universe for centuries.

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