Collection: Vero Delaney

Véronique is a French artist based near Paris, France. Drawing has always occupied a significant place in her life, and her inspiration sources evolved with the course of her life. Being a mother of 3 young daughters, she naturally came across the path of watercolor illustration for her family audience. Some of her friends and family were convinced that her style and spirit would attract a broader public, and they invited her to publish her work on Social Media. This step immediately gave Véronique some visibility and popularity, and she experienced a warm welcome from her new appreciative public, who qualified her art as poetic, touching and tender. She particularly enjoys painting children, key daily-life objects and she produced a series of drawings featuring little mice. She also mixes watercolors and fabric to create tender and colorful collages for her young public. Véronique particularly fancies special personalized commissions where she depicts children in their environment, among their toys and teddies. Concerned by children health, she also collaborates with the famous Paris-based Necker Hospital for Sick Children and Robert-Debré Hospital to produce watercolors that illustrate books on rare diseases. She is currently working on the illustration of her first children’s book, to be published by the end of 2018.