Collection: Simone Monney

Simone Monney is born in Zurich and spent her childhood in Bern. Her painting atelier is in Gland (VD/CH).

Simone is an autodidactic artist working on different supports like canvas, plexglas and aluminium for her mixed media creations. Spontaneity and impetus of the gesture are the base of her paintings. Her painting style is like a musical composition. Frank touches of colors and unpredictable lines of light suggest delicate interiority and at the same time a real vitality. Butterflies swirl, a whirlwind of forms, birds or flowers and colors explode in a spray of freshness. Indian ink, acrylic and spray paints are the base of her creations.

In her new series “Free spirit” on Plexiglas or aluminum, Simone uses her graphic design background and creates a mix of painting and photographic insert. She expresses the liveliness of the fanciful spirit, the joy of her urban discoveries, her wink at childhood and adolescence, two phases of life that remain quite present with her… Mythical cartoon figures, movie stars, cult symbols of big cities, are used to support an incredibly diversified range of colors and techniques. All in that she adds a little touch of humor and irony.

Her specialty is creating artworks on commission and help decorate interiors adapted to each individual needs. Her new series like coffee tables, coussins, fatboys, wallpaper, help to complete a personalized interior.

Simone is solicited beyond Swiss borders and successfully exhibit her work in several cities like New York, Miami, Dubai and Paris. Her artworks are truly a reflection of manifest universality, through which everyone may find his or her artistic vibration.