Collection: Sergio Villa Mobilitaly

Sergio Villa Mobilitaly is a furniture collection born more than ten years ago from the collaboration between Swiss Architect and Designer Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa's artisan workshop in Brianza region, North of Italy. The company, which works for high profile worldwide customers, manufactures an assortment of collections and unique pieces, conveying cultural traditions and contemporary taste.

It is a kind of "tailored furnishing" based on seductive eccentricity, achieved through the continuous pursuit of artistic design, sophisticated handmade procedures and high quality decoration standards. Just like Haute Couture, the products and furniture have a value beyond fleeting trends, keeping alive their charm and their irony through the ages.

It is a real "working system" made of creativity and craftsmanship, that keeps on evolving, drifting to formal beauty and to a the deeper and comfortable meaning of LIVING.