Collection: Sergio Marrero

Sergio’s work aims to articulate and deconstruct the artist’s own definition of Art. His definition is based on the assumption that art is a system of analysis and synthesis of reality, whose function consists in carrying out a simulation process of different aspects of reality, through a series of models. For Sergio, these series of models are traditionally defined as art works. 

The key concepts at the root of Sergio’s work are each treated uniformly in each of his artworks, through an analogy that he has established through scientific and mathematical models. The main catalyst in this analogy is purely experiential, as the artist was raised and educated between the two systems (the experiential and the scientific). Sergio’s work attempts to explore the way in which Man has devised different systems in order to analyse and manipulate reality. His work is concerned with the fact that despite all experiencing the same ‘reality’, we all apprehend it in a unique way. Sergio’s scientific background has allowed him to make use of these different systems, finding similarities in their structures through which he tries to relate a single reality to his audience. Through a series of different methods - whether scientific, logical, or philosophical - Sergio’s works present the viewer with various theories and tools that allow both himself and said viewer to elaborate the way in which they define Art.

Sergio graduated from the Institute of Superior Arts in 2013, and from the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. He has has exhibited all over Cuba, as well as in Spain’s ‘Photokasbah’.

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