Sari Haapaniemi

Sari Tuulia Haapaniemi (born December 23, 1965, Vaasa) is a Finnish painter. Sari Haapaniemi's paintings often have thick paint layers that make the paintings a triumph and lively. Haapaniemi's paintings include, among others, music, flowers, houses, landscapes and people.
Haapaniemi was born in 1965 in Vaasa, where he lives and works. Haapaniemi has painted since childhood, as a professor since 1994. Haapaniemi has completed studies at the University of Art and Design in 1997-2000. Haapaniemi has had several private and joint exhibitions both in Finland and abroad, such as Stockholm, Paris  and New York, and joint exhibitions, In Las Vegas, the Museum of Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art.
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