Collection: Sampsa Sarparanta

Born 1973, currently living in Perniö, Finland. In my work I combine classic realism with contemporary topics. My work is often depicted as straightforward, political and even provocative but just as well intimate, very personal and melancholy.



You could say that I’ve documented the last 20 years of my life and continue to do so. In my works the snapshots of everyday life intertwine with global politics, capitalism critic and environmental issues. The on going themes of love, sex, life long commitment, friendship and parenting, the beauty and power of nature and spirituality clash with the flipside: our suffocating roles as mere consumers, urban loneliness and maybe most of all the general feeling of meaninglessness.



All of the above (and hopefully a lot that I’m not aware of) makes the basis of my art. In Finland I’m also know for my other ‘channel of expression* -as a singer of a punk band called No Shame.



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