Collection: Sami Rinne

Sami Rinne always wanted to be an artist. His uncle was a painter and he answered his question, what is the purpose of art, in one word. That answer, in all its conciseness, was: Touch. He nutted it every now and then and nowadays he has come to the conclusion that his uncle was a wise man. He worked as a musician and painter at a time when everything was much more difficult than it is today. He toured e.g. With Masa Niemi (Pätkä) in Eastern Finland holding a kind of comedy show.

Sami’s philopsphy is based on the idea that a person needs something that touches him, both physically and mentally. Sometimes Before there was talk of the soul without its strange religious feelings. Man is a social being and through art expresses something about shared experiences, feelings, fears, being human. Today, the world is most often viewed from the perspective of science. In measurable ways, as clear parameters, as if everything were somehow manageable and organized in a meaningful way.