Collection: Richard Orlinski

At the age of 18, while visiting an exhibition of contemporary art, Richard Orlinski feels a strong emotion and two needs become essential for him: to create and discover the great masters of painting and sculpture. He travels the museums at random of his travels, and discovers classical and contemporary masterpieces.

After being an interior designer and designer, it was in 2002 that he decided to devote himself fully to art, he left his professional duties and worked diligently for two years before showing his first pieces, in 2004. His determination is rewarded, the success is immediate: Art Elysées, Fiac, Art Basel ...

A great kindness, charmer and hard worker, the sculptor arouses the enthusiasm of his professional partners. He opens a workshop and surrounds himself with highly qualified technicians. International galleries devote him exhibitions.

Quickly, its rating climbs. His works enter collections around the world and reach records. Defying difficulties, he constantly innovates to create lighting effects, sculpt new materials, test alloys.

Curious by nature and eager to express his sensitivity through other artistic disciplines, he decompartmentalizes art forms to create new practices. It opens to music, theater, cinema ... nothing stops this visual artist when it comes to creating.

Its accessibility is legendary. Richard Orlinski goes to the public, to all audiences, concerned that art is not an elitist pleasure and does not remain confined to galleries and museums.

Since 2011, he is part of the TOP 10 of the best-selling French artists in the world (source Artprice). Since 2015, he is ranked first.

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