Collection: Nora López Millán

Since her earliest memories of childhood, art has been her greatest passion and inseparable companion. As a student of Plastic Arts at the prestigious University of Argentina, She immersed herself in the depth of her art and specialized in painting. Over the next 15 years, she explored new horizons by researching the use of organic pigments and wine sediments in her work, which led her to exhibit at wineries and teach wine painting workshops. Two decades ago, She settled in the vibrant city of Barcelona, ​​where she founded her own drawing and painting academy. Currently, her focus is on creating exceptional pieces using watercolors and acrylics, as well as applying traditional and analogue techniques in her drawings. Nora believes that seeing life through a drawing is the best way to understand it. Her works are autobiographical, but her search goes beyond what conventional beauty can reflect. With years of practice in drawing and painting,She has perfected her techniques, but her true passion lies in the freedom that spontaneity allows her. Gestural strokes intensify volume and chiaroscuro, allows her to show in a single brushstroke what really moves her.