Collection: New

Level1 Gallery features a diverse range of artworks from over 3000 artists worldwide. They offer a unique selection that includes paintings, photography, sculpture, drawings, furniture, fashion, and décor. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing both emerging and established artists, aiming to bring the concept of "Art is Everywhere and on Everything" to a wide audience.

They emphasize the importance of creativity and support contemporary creators, offering a platform for artists and designers to share their vision and passion. Level1 Gallery provides various services to clients, including art consignment, custom framing, packing and shipping, art advice, trades, and appraisals.

While the gallery's website does not list all the new artists directly, you can explore their range of artworks and learn more about the individual artists they feature. The gallery also extends an invitation to artists and designers to join their platform, suggesting an ever-evolving roster of creatives.