Collection: Lucia Gomez

Lucia is a serious artist who is committed to working in a medium that many people in the art world consider passé. Fortunately, many artists like her continue to explore painting, looking for new nuggets of surprising possibilities – which can vibrate the senses and deeply touch the heart. Lucia Gomez manages a kind of spirituality, but that which has nothing in common with the types of organized religion that is routinely practiced in the western world.

This place her in the tradition of Malevich and Mondrian, two founders of the abstract easel painting movement, and for whom non-figurative art only made sense when it spoke aboutthe non‐material worlds.

The work of this Colombian artist is supported by her own quests and enquires. She devotes her work to portrayals of her own life experiences. It is rare in today’s world to find artists who are consistent within themselves, and express what they really feel or think.

The substance and the subject of each of her works have a firm theoretical basis and reveal her concerns about the world in which we live. In presenting to viewers fragments about a non-material reality, a reality that we do not want to face, or are too lazy to confront, she presents positions of concern and causes of worry – but also many possibilities of reflection.