Collection: Loes Knoben

Loes’ work is a reflection of the way she perceives life and shows her talent to observe people and to catch their feelings. You’ll recognize this strongly developed intuition in her statues. Natural resourses are always the starting point of her creative process. She is always looking around for wood, branches and bark, weater-beaten by wind and rain; searching for pieces of natural power, rhythm and balance. These pieces are the setup to create her unique statues, just like a true adventure.

Loes is born in Heerlen, the Netherlands. During her professional carreer she discovered again and again her passion for working with her hands. Whenever she could be creative in her work as a professional healthcare worker, she showed how intuition, mind and handcrafting could go together.

In the eighties with making photographs, drawing and a brief period of silkpainting. The next major step in art was her interpretation of working with clay as a ceramist. With a recognizable own style she then already showed thin models to the world. Many years went by before making the next step: bronze statues. Since 2003 she works in a workplace with seven other artists and so stimulating each other in new ideas, new try-outs, learning how to patine and use other techniques, learning to discover the world of making three dimensional female bronze statues.



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