Collection: Kaivanto Kimmo

The career of the much awarded Kimmo Kaivanto is still active. He is one of the most remarkable artists whose works have contributed to art in public places. This is illustrated by his work as a painter, graphic designer, sculptor, a versatile explorer of materials and artistic expression, creator of small pictures and large public works of art, Pro Finlandia medalist in 1972, the Artist of the Year in 1982, title of professor in 1995.

He first displayed his work solo in 1959. His reputation grew in the subsequent decades thanks to his socially conscious work in which he reacted to the imminent eco-catastrophe and the man-made violent system. Kimmo Kaivanto’s more recent work has given expression to his sensitive and affectionate relationship to nature. The artist has always had a particularly close rapport with his home town Tampere.