Collection: Kevin Sonmor

Kevin Sonmor (1959) is a Canadian artist known for paintings of still lifes, equine and marine scenes. A postmodernist, Sonmor blurs the boundaries between contemporary abstract landscape and historic landscape traditions by creating a visual language which is both representational and symbolic. His work is exhibited in public and private galleries across North America and in Europe.

Sonmor’s paintings are described by curator Sarah Boucher of the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke as "classical subjects – flowers, fruits, still lives, horses – with a more contemporary technique, a spontaneous brush stroke, a texture modern and fluid, with powerful coloration." Painted in oils on linen, canvas or panel, his iconography frequently references legend or myth. Sonmor's atmospheric landscapes evoke the 19th-Century European Romanticism of J. M. W. Turner or Caspar David Friedrich. His strong use of chiaroscuro recalls Rembrandt or Caravaggio, while his still lifes recall the vanitas imagery of Dutch painter Jan Steen.

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