Collection: Katia Neboit Croze

Trained at the school of Louvre and holder of a master's degree in visual arts at the Sorbonne, Katia Neboit Croze is passionate about objects, their history, what they transmit, the beauty she finds in the alteration that produces the time, the obsessive idea that a treasure is there under the dust, in the ground, resolutely hidden, to discover. After a period in the world of Paris antique shops and dusty granaries, a period of teaching, she devotes herself exclusively to her plastic and alchemical experiments.

In Alchemy

Art is not used to anything … but testing Art is useless; it can be used in and out, beyond and elsewhere. It manifests itself as the evidence of the triumph of life; useless to living bodies but necessary to a living soul.

Out of the ritual to creating and re-creating, out of these unearthed archaeological residues and out of a magical and experimental transformation…

Transgressing our memories, cheating the identification of our archives… transcending the infinite breathing of our beings.

I borrow from the real its sometimes dumb emissions… I combine them and give them back to life by some plastic and alchemical manipulations so that another resonance may be exhumed.

I take hold of all that is useless since I want to stand beyond, across and a little by this unlimited prisoner of bodies.

I take hold of some world pieces, bits of prints, objects, things and beings…

I spirit away my emotions, my sensations, my impressions through the filter of my glance, I reinvent… I make myself a treasure.

By your sight, the object and the residual trace may be born and be reborn.

The alchemy of a conversation, from soul to soul, from being to Being… beyond and below…

“A damaged utensil becomes its own image, the utensil not disappearing anymore beyond its living use. Art is linked to this possibility for objects to appear, that is to say, to open themselves to the pure and simple resemblance beyond which only the self matters.” (Traduction Jean Louis Déotte)

Katia Neboit Croze

Because of my background, my personal history, I am fascinated by the objects, places, materials marked by time.

Suggesting that the damage, corrosion, wear, smell of dust was so many traces of a story to reveal, a sensation to be transmitted…That I see.

For this I use various procedures to rehabilitate my treasures to reveal them, elevate them to value that I find them, they no longer get lost in their original purpose but they can access the status of 'artwork.

The object on a base, a frame, projected in a different light, combined, multiplied partner can transform and become…ART