Collection: Kari Alskoski

Kari Alakoski is a glass artist who was born near a glass factory of Iittala in 1956. The glass art has been part of his life ever since his childhood. His parents worked in the glass factory, where he also ended up working.

Alakoski has worked in Iittala's glass as the glassblower during 1971-1981 and 1989-2002. He has blown Pro Arte products like Tapio Wirkkalas' Kanttarelli and Timo Sarpanevas' Orkidea as well as done also special series of Aalto-vases. In 1998 Alakoski completed master glassblower's specialist degree, which is uncommon - only five persons hold similiar degrees in Finland.

The artistic nature of Kari Alakoski is described as experimental - his every work has something which breaks the conventional and makes it personal. Alakoski does his work often freely blown. His works are unique and signatured. The glass art of Kari Alakoski has visible interactive play of colors and shapes which is exquisite in every view session.

The production line of Alakoski consists of his own unique works as well as ordered works and numbered small-scale series of artists and designers. The production mainly takes place in Riihimäki, Finland. Alakoskis' expertise in producing freely blown glass works is internationally speaking high-class. His areas of working include consulting of glassblowing to design field professionals and design field schools. From order Kari Alakoski produces valuable works to companies, artists and designers, communities and private customers, among other things to many collectors of art glass.