Collection: Janice Faye

Janice Faye  was born and raised in Plano Texas, and came to California in the early 1970's. So yes, she is a true southern belle but has an international style. She now lives in Orange County and shows at all the big Laguna and other Southern California Art fairs, and she has a loyal clientele of "wealthy housewives of the OC"!  She also has some patrons in Beverly Hills, Texas, Memphis, and San Francisco as well.

Janice started painting at an early age, painting anything she was inspired by.  She comes from a family of great and talented singers, dancers and artists and her own work is reflected by all she sees and has experienced. 

Janice for many years has brought her works to many wonderful and loyal clients form all walks of life.  Her creativity and unique style does not go unnoticed. She is extremely detail oriented and wants her collectors to really enjoy every series and collection of paintings as much as she enjoyed painting them.

Most of her work is created specifically to honor Women and is mostly collected by Women, but she does have a few select Male clients who are happy to support her powerful female subjects. This particular collection on the Level1 Gallery platform is called “ Christmas in Paris “ and she was inspired by all the beautiful and magical window displays she saw at Christmas time in France. She has truly created something to be treasured for a lifetime!

Janice has other works as well beyond this  collection, so any request we can forward whatever you desire. We look forward to you having a Janice Faye in your home or collection soon.