Collection: Halina Stopyra

Since a young age, Halina has been drawn toward the healing arts.  This natural inclination has led her into a career as a physical therapist and later in life, as an artist.

“My intention is to remind the viewer of how intricately connected we are with nature, each other and the universe. As a result, we realize how strong, resilient and capable of healing we are.”

She has been inspired and influenced by mythology, folk tales and stories, finding familiar archetypes all through the ages and across the planet.  "We are all co-creators and magic makers, and by the very act of creating and expressing our spirit we are changing the world and adding to its expansion".

Face and the human form is often the focal point of her composition.  “Faces are capable of inspiring empathy and self-reflexion, from within each of us a seemingly invisible but vibrant world thrives.”

The intimate self is expansive, and as water flows in every direction, Halina’s favorite medium is, therefore, water color.

As a founding artist of Redbird Gallery, Halina splits her time between Toronto and Cape Breton where together with her life partner and fellow artist Jay Bell Redbird, blissfully create art and contribute to the well-being of their communities and environment.

Halina’s statement is:  “One Love ".

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