Collection: Francisco Madero Pinto

Generations of men shall comprehend the secrets of this codex with impetuous fervor and mysterious fealty. Only dreamers such as those who found sanctuary in al-Andalus—within the very walls of the Alhambra of Granada—can carve out paths that shine through expressions of enigmatic iridescence. Here are the revealing lights of a new art non-existent yesterday but eternal today and begotten of the truths of Islam, whose faith and past are capable of transforming men—personified in this craftsman who, in his art inspired by Nasrid Spain, descries excellence.

Gold, forged as if by magic, diffuses a radiance that is anointed by the hands of a singular artist, Francisco Manuel Pinto. The 21st century is witness to the emergence of a new artistic expression—intricate with detail and with myriad microscopic glimmers that, depicting the origins of beauty to the very limits of perception, flood our vision and shatter the resistance of our hearts.

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