Collection: EI.RoI.artworks

El.Rol.Artworks = Elena Abeni + Roland Kocherhans 

Through our work we try to analyze the power of mankind and nature, transmitting part of our life experiences that we hope might reflect on our audience

The Leitmotifs of our artwork are: people, animals, fish and trees. These are present in our series: Survivors, Looking for Some Energy, The Beautiful Healing Tree, Fish, Fisherwomen, Fish & Trees, Angry Fish, Dangerous Fish, Monsters, Animals, Heads, Our Hearts, Love Trees. All involved in feelings and sensations

The series Survivors is a compliment to all who have lived the need to overcome a great adversity.

The collection Looking for Some Energy evokes the potential every human being has for regenerating their vital energy.

The series The Beautiful Healing Tree symbolize contact with the healing power of nature, always within our reach. This series is also a call to take care of what we need most. We desperately need nature to survive, if we harm it, we will hurt ourselves. Nature can only help, and unlike us, it does not need us to persist. It is eternal.

Fish are a tribute to our beautiful island, to a sign in the Zodiac, to the sea and to fresh water. Water is home to beautiful creatures, able to live in an environment very different from ours.

The sculptures and paintings of The Fisherwomen represent the fisherwoman or fisherman that is inside everybody, capable of catching the infinite opportunities that life can offer.

The Fish and Trees series is a fusion between two subjects that run through our work. To us it is a kind of yin and yang. It represents opposites that complement each other, at the same time as it encompasses all. It revolves around the archetypes of The Fish and The Tree, and invites spectators to submerge themselves in the innumerable metaphors and possibilities they suggest. The aim is to inspire the exploration, discovery or confirmation of each person's inner being, as well as the understanding and acceptance of contradictions. Basically, it is a series dedicated to transformation, and the understanding and acceptance of opposites as a form of progress.

The Angry Fish series denounces the brutalities and excesses committed by mankind at sea.

Dangerous Fish and Monsters are the obstacles we encounter along the way, only apparently negative, as they are necessary to achieve our personal growth.

Animals are our life companions and an inexhaustible source of inspiration and learning.

The Dog on Pentagram is a homage to sound and music.

The Heads series shows intriguing portraits of fellow beings.

The series Our Hearts is a reflection on different ways of dealing with emotions. The sculpture The Weight of Love is a nod to the double meaning of this notion. The weight of love shifts at different times in our lives. Love is a beautiful weight to carry, love is a heavy burden sometimes.

Love Trees are the plants that everybody should grow or at least try to cultivate at home.

We hope that some of our artwork can awaken your curiosity and make you think, reflect, act, enjoy, transform...