Collection: Daniel Riberzani

Daniel Riberzani is a painter and a tapestry cartoon artist, born in 1942, who lives and works in paris. For Daniel Riberzani there is no artistic boundary between painting and tapestry, rather there is the interplay of techniques and complementarities. He is one of the rare artists — and perhaps the only one — to embark on the tapestry odyssey in france and who works with both art forms concomitantly. Both means of expression mutually enrich their respective specificities and contribute to their respective forms and meanings. For the artist, tapestry provides the opportunity to leave the solitude of his studio and become part of the vivacity and enthusiasm of the tapestry manufacture: working with the yarn dyrer to choose the colour array, or chapelet, bringing the model to scale and numbering the cartoon. The role of the artist during the preparatory phase is to ensure the independence of the tapestry with respect to the painting: he must let go of his cartoon, thereby making way for the craftsman’s interpretation. With Daniel Riberzani, tapestry remains, more than ever, a familiar but mysterious, timeless and serene art form.