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Level1 Gallery knows that all spaces are unique and sometimes call for a special piece or design to make it come to life. At Level1 Gallery our artist’s are ready and willing to work together to help meet each client’s requirements for the perfect completed space.

Lets get you started! With artists who specialize in various styles, mediums and textures you can just search our artist roaster and pick the artist that you see would meet the style and feel for the space.

If you are looking to commission an artist for a portrait, exclusive design job, and interior of an office, home or restaurant, Level1 Gallery is at your service.

Let us know what you have in mind and an artist who has caught your eye or if you need our help in recommending an artist, we can bring the right one to your attention

If you choose to commission an artist for custom work please expect a 4-5 week wait time.

Email us to get started and get your job on the road!!




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