Collection: Björn Weckström

The artistic walk of life of sculptor Bjorn Weckstrom is characterized by very impressive series of work, shaped in materials such as bronze, marble, glass and acrylic resin, as well as in often surprising combinations of the above. His distinctive language of expression ranges from abstract form to an individualistic interpretation of realism. Central to the bronze sculptures has been the reinterpretation of classic Greek mythology.

Furthermore, the large sculptures, exploring the interaction between man and machine, outline a profound analysis of the current state of Mankind. The invitation to become a lecturer at the University of Pisa in 1979, led to an important change in his life: thereafter Mr. Weckstrom has spent the majority of his time in Italy. The differences between Italy in terms of the cultural milieu and natural environment, resonate as enriching and fertilizing elements in many of his sculptures. 

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