Collection: Artem Shestakov

Artem Shestakov is a  27 year old Ukrainian-born now living in Miami self-taught international photographer . His world travels have helped develop his deep passion for landscapes and the wilderness. With his favorite subject to date being mountains, desserts and there ability to capture pure, natural beauty. 

Artem’s photographic journey began in 2013 when his need for adventure became his driving force and life’s quest to capture the moods and character of the world’s most amazing places. As one of the most influential international photographers on the internet with an audience reaching over a million people from all over the world, Artem has helped create & continues to support and run various social influencer marketing campaigns for some of the biggest companies and destinations in the world, including Tunis Tourism Board, Turkish Airline,  Aeroflot, Sixt Mongolia, Renaissance , Ferrari , Land Rover , TUI, The Ritz-Carlton , Radisson Blu, Melia hotel, Hilton and W hotel to name a few.

Artem’s photographs include some of the world’s most beautiful, scenic and off limits locations to include Brazil where Artem travelled to more than 10 different states. Mongolia, where he drove more than ten thousand kilometers in one month to search and discover some of the most gorgeous locations. Artem travelled in Asia for just over 2 years, visiting Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan and Iran. Artem has been to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Iceland, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Morocco, Tunis, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Mongolia, Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan and the United States.

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