Collection: Annelie Sandström

Annelie Sandström


Tranter-Sinni s delighted to present-URBAN LIFE, a duo exhibition by Swedish couple artists Annelie and P-A Sandstrom. Known as "The Swedish Force" the duo couple are known throughout Europe and are now bringing there first solo exhibit in North to Tranter-Sinni Gallery. An opening reception will take place on Thursday, August 18, from 7-9pm. The Artists will be present.

URBAN LIFE Debuts three new bodies of work comprising sculpture, silkscreen mixed media paintings and textiles. Annelie works delicately with her very own unique handmade screenprinting, painting and text designs. She often uses pop icons and city landscapes as image but has for the past several years incorporated her own models that often recur in various environments and with different themes. Her recent model which will be showcased in "Urban Life" is one who has touched Annelie by her dedication, struggle and powerful essence. Annelie will bring to light her models story through each piece exhibited. She strives towards having her own, personal style and builds the paintings on wood panels instead of framed canvases. With its cheerful and bright colors one easily gets captured by Annelie’s paintings and they can certainly brighten up any environment

With a growing popularity in interior design and textile, Annelie is working with Tranter-Sinni gallery on her new line of screen painted fabrics to be brought to the market. With art emerging in so many homes, studios and major locations, Annelie has designed art that can be not only on your walls but incorporated into your sofa, desk, drapery, bedding and so much more.

P-A Sandström Born 1970 in Sweden have been working with ceramic sculptures for 20 years. Just over 9 years ago he discovered and started to create his sculptures with raku firing. The technique where the piece is removed from the Kiln at bright red heat and subjected to post-firing reduction or smoking and then enamled. This 16th century Japanese technique brought his sculptures to a new level and allowed P-A to move into a different class of sculpture. Known for his fierce faces and ceramic heads, you can find his one of a kind sculptures at art gallerys all over Sweden and at art fairs throughout Europe. His works have now entered the North American market with great receive. His life like sculptures simulate a feeling of calm, inner peace as they remain restful in a very pleasant place within themselves and their Lives.