Collection: Aleandro Roncara

Born in Orbetello 49 years ago and since then has never stopped "age" ... he says. Draw always and on everything. Comics, comics, comic...The fault of his three children, Carlotta, Brando and Lupo when he finally picked up a brush back in 2005.

From that day he gave life to his instincts remained suppressed for years in the color! The characters that animate Mondorondo (the lovely planet without vocabulary!) live, breathe, and are immersed, are themselves pure color, direct, iconic, simple in the way of fun. At Mondorondo everything is fantasy and nothing is violence as the artist emphasizes.

Roncarà outlines his figures with sharp contours and robust blacks, the black lines become real exoskeletons of thoughts, they support the characters. They are funny and iridescent scaffolding, comes out from dreams and ideas, by the lyrics of songs sung at dawn, reaching the morning at  the bar downstairs.

He strongly believes in unusual color combinations and in black and male trait that separates them. Five years ago he met the world of sculpture with considerable results. He collaborates with leading fashion companies, accessories, design and decor. He draws, he bakes cakes and paints in his one and only true "eternal" city,  Montecatini Terme.