Why Sell?

LEVEL1 Gallery launched in 2016, offering a full scale eCommerce platform with outsourced business management services designed specifically to showcase art and the evolution of the art industry.

Working with Motto “Art is Everywhere and on Everything “ Art is our Purpose!

Level1 gallery is the world’s leading online gallery dedicated to helping people discover extraordinary artworks by emerging and established artists from around the world. Founded with a mission to bring the idea of “Art Is Everywhere and on Everything” to a wide audience, Level1 gallery is redefining the art experience by offering collectors, fashionistas and interior designers an unparalleled selection of original art on walls, art as fashion and interior design. Specializing in our level1 gallery complimentary art advisory services, all while providing artists a leading platform with an exceptional curated site to bring their vision and passion to the masses!

LEVEL1 is dedicated to helping establish the artist so they can do what they love 100% of the time.

Why US?

“Starting from scratch or coming from another platform; we will most probably increase your sales immediately and also on the long term.”

What makes Level1 Gallery different

We pioneer digital commerce for emerging and established Artists. We have developed the most robust and truly global commerce system to help us maximize your sales, to grow your brand and to connect with new customers. All under a serious Gallery Brand.

Fully Managed

Running a global eCommerce operation requires a bunch of different competences. Hiring a team to operate your just launched e-operation costs a lot of effort, time and money. Minimise your risk with outsourced solution that covers areas from e-commerce, technology and web development, infrastructure management, customer service, shipping and logistics to finance and business reporting. We collaborate closely to help your Art get branded and purchased. Increasing your collector base for your art.


Selling globally normally requires a team of professionals and a heavy investment. The good news is that we have already taken care of these. Level1 gallery takes care of all of the needs to truly cover the whole globe - we support multi language, local currencies and local payment solutions, automated regional pricing, global shipping and returns, global tax- duties- and legal management.

Instant Solution

Forget about the development hassle – Level1 gallery eCommerce platform was built on best practices with deep understanding for Art, fashion-, design- and lifestyle Collectors. Setting up your Art eCommerce platform is very easy, once you have filled out the gallery spec sheet, you will be up and running within 7 days.


Managing a sizeable ecommerce operation requires a number of tools. And that means a number of separate software to use simultaneously – but not with Level1 Gallery. We took the best parts of each software and bundled them in our easy to use web interface.


You don’t need any IT or special business skills to launch a global online operation, Level1 gallery platform has been built from the ground up with a focus on art, fashion- design- and lifestyle products. Our idea is that you should do what you love - creating beautiful art works, while we take care of the rest.


Once you have made the decision to join our art evolved platform, we look forward to helping brand your art with the Level1 Gallery. We will begin by sending our gallery contract for reviewing and signing. We will then send you an inventory sheet and promotion kit for you to prepare and send in to our team so we can begin to load your art on our platform! It will take approximately one week to have you and your brand up and out to our clients and collectors.

Join our motto “Art Is Everywhere and On Everything, “Art is Our Purpose”!

We look forward to you joining our exceptional group of artists from around the world!

Get started by contacting Level1 gallery today!!

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