Artist Support

Level1 Gallery is thrilled to be working with collectors and art lovers to fill there space with exceptional art. What a great concept to rent art before you actually buy it. If you could see it on your wall or in your room before you make a decision. Why not? It’s the best way to find out if what you love works. Or even fits. Renting a piece of art gives you a chance to test, experience or explore your taste — risk free.

And with our Level1 Gallery rental plan, some of the money you spend renting, can be put towards the cost of the piece you will buy. Let Level1 Gallery brings amazing pieces into your space without having to buy first!!

The Level1 Gallery art rental program is available to residences and businesses of all sizes, styles and budgets. In this program original works of art are rented to you under contract, allowing you to ensure that your space is continually refreshed and revitalized. Friends or visitors will feel the added dynamism in the room, and new art will add a sophisticationalways keeping art up-to-date as older works are replaced by new choices of contemporary works.

Any art you see at the Level1 gallery can come to you by simply emailing us to get all the details on how we can get you started in our art rental program.

Get started today!!!

Art Is Everywhere and on Everything! Art Is Our Passion! Make it yours!

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