Arie Wubben

Arie Wubben, born in Eindhoven (Holland) in 1953. After his studies in economics, he worked for a multinational Company in Amsterdam. In 1975 he decided to leave Holland and settle down in Zürich, Switzerland. There he started a successful career in Finance in American, Japanese and Swiss multinational companies like Goodyear (Suisse) SA, Canon (Schweiz) AG and Olympus Optical (Schweiz) AG. In 1988 Arie Wubben started up his Consulting Company with main activities in Accounting/Controlling, Information and Turnaround Management, as well as Mergers and Acquisitions.   He was in charge for mandates for Siemens Business Services AG, Ascom AG, Ericsson AG, Denner AG, Hoffmann AG and Bakom (Federal Office for Communication), Swiss Post Public Transport and Swiss TV. Today Arie Wubben is retired and enjoys producing Artworks for Galleries and Museums.

 In the eighties, Arie Wubben was trained as a photographer by Canon (Schweiz) AG. He was able to use and experiment with all Canon products and received first hand information from prominent Canon photographers. For more than fifteen years, Arie Wubben only used photography for his personal requirements. However, after the turn of the century, Arie Wubben started to develop ideas for exhibitions. In November 2002, the majestic “Museo Regional” in Querétaro celebrated its 65th Anniversary with the exhibition “El Viaje”.   Forty pictures showing 16 different countries were on display and received excellent critics in the local press. At the same time, the exhibition “Mexico” was opened in the Bärenmoos home for disabled people in Oberrieden. The Quadros Gallery in Querétaro, Mexico, displayed worldwide travel images in December 2003. In January 2004, the exhibition “The Night” was opened at Swisslog AG in Aarau. In the same year, Arie Wubben developed a method to practice digital painting with pictures. These images were used in 2005 for the exhibition “Cultura Latina” in the restaurant Morgenthal in Hirzel. More digital paintings were displayed in the prestigeous IBM Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon. In 2006 Arie Wubben organized an exhibition in the “Bildungszentrum Zürichsee” in Horgen and in 2007 he participated successfully in the exhibition of the Culture Circle Oberrieden. Further exhibitions are planned. In the meantime, new digital painting methods were developed and new subjects for digital painting were selected. This process is never ending!

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